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Always and Forever, Lara Jean Review

by Leora Heilbronn
4 out of 5 stars

Dear Jenny Han,

I first noticed your Lara Jean books at a local bookstore not that long ago, and, like the fool that I am, I quickly dismissed them. I admit it – I judged the books by their beautifully constructed, Instagram-worthy covers, thinking that what lay inside was just vapid YA drivel. And then, through what I can only describe as a cosmic epiphany, I decided to give the series a chance. I pored over To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and then, not too long afterwards, I hungrily devoured P.S. I Still Love You. Like the newbie that I was to the series, I had no idea that the latter book was intended as the final book in the Lara Jean Song Covey series. I guess you could say that I was lucky to have been aware that there was more to come, and soon. Every day I waited for the mail to arrive, wishing and hoping for the day that Always and Forever, Lara Jean would arrive from the lovely folks at Simon and Schuster Canada. When it did show up, I stopped the world to read it. I was in love.

I’ve never had a close-knit family or too many people I’ve felt close to (fictional or otherwise), but the Song girls felt like family to me. I related to how Lara Jean never quite knew what to say or do around her hunky boyfriend Peter, while her ballsy sister Kitty always did. I’m not much of a baker but I REALLY quite eagerly wanted to know Lara Jean’s perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. Most of all I appreciated how the girls’ virginity was delicately and honestly discussed, how the best universities aren’t necessarily Ivy league ones, and that friends and family change and evolve over time but love is a constant.

I’m so sorry I initially rejected your books but please know that I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for them.




Always and Forever, Lara Jean was provided by Simon and Schuster Canada in exchange for an honest review. It may be purchased from your friendly independent bookseller or other fine bookstores.

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