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Becoming Bond: Hot Docs Review

by Charles Trapunski
2.5 out of 5 stars

Points are always given for effort and for trying something a little different, but in the end the movie Becoming Bond by Josh Greenbaum isn’t very becoming. The film may be your cup of tea and follow a style that may be more enjoyable to the casual viewer (reenactments and the idea of stars reenacting certain events), but the story of George Lazenby, the “forgotten” Bond is either not that compelling on its own, (the Australian car mechanic / actor is still very much alive and is front and centre in this documentary), or just isn’t that theatrical.

This may be why the likes of Jake Johnson, Jane Seymour, Jeff Garlin, and Dana Carvey playing Johnny Carson (was Kevin Spacey not available?) are  brought in to bring some levity and humour to the recreations of the life of Lazenby.

Sounds interesting? Again, points for effort and for tone, which is why it’s always nice that films don’t take themselves too seriously. But when even the Bond stories fall flat?

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