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Blind Spot: TIFF18 Review

by Charles Trapunski
2 out of 5 stars

There’s formalism and then there’s formalism, as evidenced by actress-cum-director’s Tuva Nuvotny’s film Blind Spot. The film is a stunning work, but at the same time is an absolute chore of a film to get through, and the tone of the film feels too heavy to sustain audience interest.

There are many scenes of grief and they seem to accompany the nature of unspoken tragedy and an underlying threat present in the film’s milieu that is present for perhaps a minute of the film’s interminable run time. The rest of the experience is in presenting a typical late afternoon and evening for Nordic adolescent Tea. Its focus switches abruptly and denies the close-eyed viewer of rising action, as the most dramatic sequence is rendered inert, likely the intention but still feels like a missed opportunity.

The long takes and careful camerawork deserve some recognition, but an issue of neglect at the heart of the film weighs heavy and removes a sense of watchability.

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