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Bobbi Jene: Hot Docs Review

by Charles Trapunski
3.5 out of 5 stars

Surprisingly, the film Bobbi Jene, which is directed and beautifully filmed by Elvira Lind, is somehow lacking in intimacy for a film that is so intimate in almost every single way.

In fact, let me revise this: the intimacy of the film is not in question. The film, about an Israeli dancer heading to the Midwest, is revealing in both body and soul. Though there is still something hidden, something unrevealed -a sense of narrative flow.

This is a film that lets the audience in to almost every element of Bobbi Jene Smith and is clearly a labour of love and filmed over a long time (and is the winner of many awards at Tribeca including Best Documentary). And yet there is a element of flow that feels misplaced and it is so surprising that a film that clocks in at about ninety minutes and is interesting in subject matter can somehow still manage to feel far too raw.

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