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Exclusive: Trailer for The Responder

by Brief Take Staff

Chris (Martin Freeman) drives a frontline response vehicle in his fragmented hometown of Liverpool. Night after night he faces crime, violence and addiction on the streets, whilst battling against personal demons that threaten to destabilise his work, his marriage and his mental health. The dark humour is sometimes painfully tragic, and always challenging.   When Chris is forced to take on new rookie partner Rachel (Adelayo Adedayo), both soon discover that survival in this high-pressure, relentless, twilight world depends on them either helping or destroying each other.  The action plays out over one week of increasingly tense, life-changing night shifts. From the depths of helplessness and despair, with his own family slipping away from him, Chris clings to the idea of saving the life of a young addict trapped in a deadly dilemma. If he can save her, maybe he can save himself and rediscover what it means to be a police officer.

THE RESPONDER, a brand new BritBox original production, comes out in Canada on May 24, 2022.


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