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Human Traces: TIFF17 Review

by Charles Trapunski
3 out of 5 stars

Human Traces is a whale of a film, an eco-conscious physiological thriller about adultery and mystery and also an awareness of the world surrounding us. Needless to say, fitting the pieces together was a bit of a challenge and while the changing perspective device is presentable, the perspective doesn’t shift so dramatically between husband Glenn (Mark Mitchinson), wife Sarah (Sophie Henderson) and strange outsider Pete (TIFF International Rising Star Vinnie Bennett). In fact, the drama is fairly limited, making the hulking shots of the south New Zealand skyscapes one of the most interesting elements of the film.

Indeed, if there was a version of Human Traces that was a behind the scenes story or perhaps better articulated director Nic Gorman’s vision a little more clearly that would be wonderful. Or indeed, even if the ideas are able to be brought together in a way that would make for a coherent end result then this would be a more entertaining account. All of the principals involved in the film seem lovely, but the result is trace.

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