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Interview: Allure’s Evan Rachel Wood

by Leora Heilbronn

In late January, actress Evan Rachel Wood came to Toronto for an In Conversation With… TIFF’s Artistic Director Cameron Bailey, followed by an introduction of her latest film, Allure (formerly A Worthy Companion), presented with the film’s co-directors Carlos and Jason Sanchez. As a huge admirer of the film at TIFF (review here), we were delighted to speak with Ms. Wood about her fabulous co-stars Denis O’Hare and Canadian Julia Sarah Stone, being a role model for her son and what she hopes gets achieved with the Time’s Up initiative.

Watch below for clips from our exclusive video interview with Westworld‘s Evan Rachel Wood:


Allure opens in select theatres on Friday April 6


*Interview conducted by Charles Trapunski and produced, filmed & edited by Leora Heilbronn*


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