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Miami: TIFF17 Review

by Charles Trapunski
3.5 out of 5 stars

Finnish film Miami defies classification, as the program description of the film describes an almost entirely different movie experience. Zaida Bergroth’s take on the dancer road movie, (which may be a thing?) also has an eighties aesthetic in its pink titles and soundtrack, (and yet is very little like the film Drive), and includes one of the weirdest slowed-down version of a nineties pop song that we are liable to hear all year.

The story concerns a pair of sisters (possibly?) played by Krista Kosonen and Sonja Kuittinen. Angela is the veteran stripper, and Anna is the wide-eyed newbie. Yet their stripping routine seems to be to wear a pair of butterfly wings and sort of sway seductively, so either they have one of the worst acts in memory, or the film is a representation of something much seedier, (as Angela mentions private shows, I’m suspecting the latter). Of course, there is some trouble along the way, as all is not smooth between the sisters, and the roles quickly become reversed, with Anna taking the lead and Angela falling into line.

Miami is a surreal trip.

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