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The Team

by Stephanie Nguyen

Leora Heilbronn: Founder and Director of Content
Leora is a self-described “nerd” but that doesn’t stop her from conducting engaging and lively dialogues, understanding the heart of a piece of fiction, and just plain being efficient and friendly. She enjoys animated Disney movies and loves ultraviolence in films equally. She is a devoted caregiver to a jungle cat, as well as an accomplished clean person.


Stephanie Nguyen: Co-Founder
Steph is the driving force behind Brief Take. When she’s not busy at work designing great software products, she is leading workshops for a non-profit group called Women Who Code Toronto.  Her choice of movie genre? Thrillers!



Charles Trapunski: Executive and Chairman of Content
Charles is a writer, a tutor and a believer in the phrase that Content is King (Queen). He’s a facilitator in the art of language and a fan of both playwright Samuel Beckett and TV scientist Dr. Samuel Beckett.



Daniel Reynolds: Senior Content Writer
Daniel is a writer and editor whose work can be found online, in comic books, and — if you ask nicely — a few screenplays. He labours as a municipal employee when not discussing, thinking, or writing about film. Just mention Star Wars or The Third Man and watch him go on and on.



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