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Interview: Acapulco season two’s cast

by Leora Heilbronn

Acapulco is an extremely popular Apple TV+ series starring Eugenio Derbez (perhaps best known to North American audiences as CODA‘s lovable music teacher) in a loose remake of the movie How To Be a Latin Lover. The series involves the rags to riches life story of a young Mexican man (played by both Derbez, who also acts as executive producer, and Enrique Arrizon as the younger version). The latter participated in the season two junket for the bilingual series in which Brief Take was invited to participate. The character that they play, Maximo, has his dream come true when he gets the job of a lifetime at the hottest resort in Acapulco. Along the way, we meet some pretty colourful characters. But he soon realizes that life is far more complicated than he ever imagined.

Our first room on the Acapulco season two junket day featured the aforementioned Enrique Arrizon (who plays young Maximo), as well as series standout Fernando Carsa (who plays Maximo’s eternally positive best friend Memo). The pair chatted with me about their real-life friendship, which resembles that of Maximo and Memo’s. They also discussed the incredible fan support that they have received since the first season of the popular comedy was first released.

Acapulco Season 2 also stars Glee‘s Chord Overstreet as Chad and the one of a kind Camila Perez as Julia. This pairing chatted with me about the fans that have approached them about the show (Camila singled out the “Team Julia” fans). This dynamic duo also mentioned their favourite scenes this season.

Perhaps our favourite room of the day was that of the extremely friendly stars Vanessa Bauche, who plays Maximo’s mother Nora, as well as Regina Reynoso, who plays Sara (Maximo’s younger sister), as they chatted with me about their mother-daughter religious disagreement this season over Sara’s preferred choice of a partner. Bauche and Reynoso also revealed to me their favourite scenes of season two and why they love working together.

Lastly, Acapulco’s Jessica Collins, who plays Diane, the mother of Overstreet’s Chad and owner of the central resort, and Rafael Cebrián, who plays Hector, her much younger paramour, teased to me what was coming up this year. This pair went out of their way to single out each other’s skills at comedy, as well as reveal to me why they love working together.

Find out more in our fun videos below:

Acapulco season two premieres October 21, 2022 on Apple TV+

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