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Interview: Big Shot’s Sophia Mitri Schloss

by Leora Heilbronn

When Yvette Nicole Brown called her Big Shot co-star Sophia Mitri Schloss a “baby Meryl” at the recent TCAs, suddenly every journalist wanted to know more about the rising star. Turns out the Seattle teenager has been winning critical acclaim and award recognition for several years now, having given mature-beyond-her-years performances in Sadie, Lane 1974, and the popular Amazon series The Kicks. Her role as John Stamos’ wise teenaged daughter Emma on the new David E. Kelley Disney+ series will surely make Schloss a household name, as her magnetic screen presence already garnered a lot of buzz after the first episode was released this past Friday.

I was delighted to be given the opportunity to chat with Sophia Mitri Schloss over Zoom video recently as she spoke eloquently about her unique upbringing, how she quickly bonded with co-star John Stamos over their mutual love for Joni Mitchell, and much more!


New episodes of Big Shot are available every Friday on Disney Plus

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