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Interview: Death of a Telemarketer’s Haley Joel Osment

by Charles Trapunski

The presence of Haley Joel Osment is a constant in many of our favourite shows and movies over the past couple of years (and he’s the best part of many of them!). We are fans of his work in The Boys, Future Man, The Kominsky MethodWhat We Do in the Shadows and many more, including recent voice work in Dogs in Space and Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, both newly streaming on Netflix. What brings us here is Haley Joel Osment stars in the film Death of a Telemarketer, which is now on VOD and in theatres. The film is a surreal take on telemarketing, as Lamorne Morris stars as a smooth operator and Osment in a sort of mysterious role that gets fleshed out as the movie develops. However, Osment exclusively shared with Brief Take interesting stories from the set, including how Death of a Telemarketer was filmed pre-pandemic as the cast, which also includes Alisha Wainwright, Woody McLain and Matt McGorry, actually got the chance to hang out in the heat of L.A. in the summer. Check below for our fun video chat with Osment, who shared why he welcomes the return of movie theatres as he Zooms in from a fascinating location.


Death of a Telemarketer is now available on VOD

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