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Interview: Dr. Death’s Christian Slater

by Leora Heilbronn

Not much needs to be said about Christian Slater that isn’t already known (come on, it’s the iconic Christian Slater!), but it’s interesting to note that he’s having a bit of a mid-career renaissance, that perhaps began with his performance as Elliot’s father (or a projection of such) in Mr. Robot and extended to Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story (which was co-executive produced and directed by Maggie Kiley, who returns with Slater for Dr. Death). A little bit more on the outside this time, Slater and co-star Alec Baldwin act almost like a Greek Chorus, as this outing, based on a true crime podcast, is surprisingly funny, albeit dark. Slater is the master of finding darkly funny projects, though we were surprised to discover that the long time thespian is a committed viewer of The Bachelorette.

New episodes of Dr. Death air Sundays at 9pm ET on Showcase

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