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Interview: Dr. Death’s Patrick Macmanus

by Leora Heilbronn

In something of a rarity, we had previously spoken with Dr. Death‘s Patrick Macmanus before, for the Netflix series Marco Polo (those words are oft repeated). It is a rarity as we don’t often speak with showrunners, but will happily make an exception for Macmanus, who spoke highly of Canadian stars Joshua Jackson and Olivia Cheng, as well as Happy!‘s Christopher Meloni,  who is a singular force. We were thrilled to hear the ins and outs of Dr. Death‘s exploration into toxic masculinity from Macmanus (currently in Georgia preparing for yet another series, starring the charming Elle Fanning). Macmanus seems to be at the core of interesting and challenging projects and the buzz for the Peacock series has already started.

New episodes of Dr. Death air Sundays at 9pm ET on Showcase

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