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Interview: Dylan & Zoey’s Claudia Doumit

by Charles Trapunski

The star and producer of Dylan & Zoey, Claudia Doumit (who you may know from The Boys, Timeless and the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare video games) talks with Brief Take on a completely different note about her new film. Dylan & Zoey looks at a pair of former close friends that are both trying to navigate their lives post sexual assault (from their own respective assaults). Doumit discussed how she didn’t want to glorify rape or show an unnecessarily graphic scene of sexual assault (having recently watched a film with a girlfriend that showed a four minute long rape scene on camera) and how she and the filmmakers instead attempted to approach the topic realistically and with great sensitivity. Claudia Doumit also revealed to us exclusively in a Zoom video interview how during the early days of the pandemic that she again became close with her best friend from when she was 13 years-old in Australia, thanks to the power of reaching out that was demonstrated in this film.

The movie is set on the heels of a godforsaken bachelorette party and Zoey (Doumit) has only 24 hours left in Los Angeles. She takes a chance and reaches out to her estranged best friend Dylan (played by the film’s co-writer and producer, Blake Scott Lewis). Over the course of the evening, the pair open up about their shared traumas and perhaps make the first steps toward truly coming together. It is a bit of a heavy movie, but Doumit was an incredible guide to the film and she performs an original song entitled ‘Picasso’ on the ukulele, so make the effort to seek out this gem of a film.


Dylan & Zoey is now playing in theatres and is available On Demand

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