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Interview: Family Law’s Victor Garber and Jewel Staite

by Charles Trapunski

Does it get any better than stage and screen legend Victor Garber, as well as talented (and for a welcome change not in a sci-fi project) Jewel Staite, playing an estranged father and daughter pairing on the delightful new series (already renewed for a second season!) Family Law?! Of course, while estranged on the show, much of the series is about healing, and the off screen relationship with the pair shows you that a good amount of healing is going to be done, (along with law cases, the family law in the title happens to be a bit of a pun). Garber and Staite were incredibly good-natured in discussing the series, their pairing on a Canada Heritage Minute, and why Garber showing co-star Zach Smadu Ted Lasso was essential.

Family Law premiered Friday, Sept. 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global, and is also available live and on demand with STACKTV and on the Global TV App. 

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