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Interview: Firefly Lane’s Ali Skovbye

by Leora Heilbronn

One of the biggest draws of the new Netflix series Firefly Lane (think Beaches meets This Is Us, but with an even deeper understanding of female friendships) is Canadian actress Ali Skovbye. Skovbye plays the gorgeous, ambitious and ballsy Tully Hart (played by Katherine Heigl in her slightly older years on the show) and the rising star fully immerses herself in the role. During the recent Firefly Lane virtual press junket, I had the opportunity to chat over Zoom video with Ali Skovbye about how she crafted her revelatory performance with the help of Heigl, her role model sister Tiera (of Nurses and Riverdale fame) and the Netflix limited series she hopes returns for a second season.


Firefly Lane is currently streaming on Netflix

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