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Interview: He’s All That’s Peyton Meyer and Myra Molloy

by Leora Heilbronn

The Netflix movie He’s All That (and the interview junket, for that matter) is all about seeing familiar faces in unfamiliar places. Peyton Meyer is known to many from Disney Channel’s Dog with a Blog, Girl Meets World, or, from where we know him best, playing Meg Donnelly‘s less than bright boyfriend Trip in American Housewife. You may know Myra Molloy as the winner of Thailand’s Got Talent or a top six finisher in Rising Star USA or as Kim in the touring production of Miss Saigon (and from her new single ‘Stay’). But then forget what you know, as Meyer and Molloy will surprise you in new ways in He’s All That. Meyer plays Addison Rae’s ex boyfriend, a hip hop influencer, and Molloy plays Quinn, Rae’s supportive bestie. Coming from undisclosed locations, they are awesome interviews, a highlight of our video junket.


He’s All That is currently streaming on Netflix

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