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Interview: Inventing Anna’s Anna Chlumsky

by Leora Heilbronn

In many ways, Anna Chlumsky, who played such memorable roles as Vada Sultenfuss in My Girl and My Girl 2, Jody Salerno alongside Christina Ricci in Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain, Liza Weld from In the Loop, Miriam Lass in Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal, and of course, Amy Brookheimer in Veep, is the moral centre of the fantastic new Shonda Rhimes series for Netflix, Inventing Anna. Given her first name, Chlumsky surprisingly actually plays opposite Anna (Julia Garner) and is Vivian, a magazine writer and soon to be new mother. It is through Vivian’s eyes that this too real to be made up tale comes to life, and Chlumsky plays incredible well of off her co-stars Arian Moayed, Alexis Floyd, Anders Holm, as well as Garner playing Anna Delvey. In many ways, the show is as much about Vivian as about Anna, and Brief Take can say with no hyperbole that Chlumsky is probably the sole actress that we could have seen playing this role. Vivian has such dogged determination and in many ways, Chlumsky, the former child actress and now esteemed adult actress, feels like she fully embodies her character. The story is such a fascinating one that every episode feels vital and important, and we sat down on the Inventing Anna virtual video junket with Chlumsky and we discussed how she feels about the elusive Anna Delvey in real life, how she shared that this was a truly wonderful cast for which to play off, and of course, how her character Vivian is a real bawse. While this might be Chlumsky’s first time in a Netflix series, she delivers a powerful performance in Inventing Anna.


Inventing Anna is now streaming on Netflix

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