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Interview: It’s A Sin’s Omari Douglas

by Leora Heilbronn

While we’ve widely shared our love of the Russell T Davies show It’s a Sin everywhere, what is truly revolutionary about the series is it’s not entirely sad, there are many hopeful moments and laugh out loud scenes.

A major reason for this upbeat tone is the brilliant performance of relative newcomer Omari Douglas, a British actor who has a bright future ahead. His character, Roscoe Babatunde, features in some standout moments in the first and fourth episode and we may never look at a pot of coffee (or a suit) in the same way again (as well as a certain other thing that we won’t spoil). Roscoe’s portrayer, Douglas, is a blast to chat with and recounted It’s a Sin via Zoom video from matching red rooms recently as well.


It’s A Sin is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime Video Canada and on HBO Max in the U.S.

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