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Interview: Maid’s Anika Noni Rose

by Charles Trapunski

Anika Noni Rose, perhaps best known for her work on stage and her angelic voice, delivers two incredible monologues in the Netflix series Maid that read like music. In fact, her performance as Regina is surprising in many ways, not the least of which is that her character is incredibly wealthy and yet has issues keeping her shit straight in the emotionally hefty Netflix series. It must be said that Anika Noni Rose is one of the warmest people we have come across in an interview in a long time, as we congratulated her on her hometown of Bloomfield in Connecticut having unveiled a Black excellence mural on Juneteenth, in which she is situated next to Veep Kamala Harris, NFL star Dwight Freeney, Barack Obama and Martin Luther King. At the time, she said “Thank you for not forgetting me” and as such, we didn’t forget to ask about it. Don’t overlook her performance in the series, as it is powerful how kindness leads.


Maid is now streaming on Netflix

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