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Interview: Maid’s Margaret Qualley

by Charles Trapunski

Margaret Qualley is the heart and soul of the Netflix series Maid, a heartbreaking yet all-too-real series in which the affable and revealing Qualley, who previously led the cast of the charming film Novitiate, gives a warts and all performance as Alex, the titular Maid. The show will reawaken your passion for the song ‘Shoop’, (as well as Queen track ‘Don’t Stop me Now’), but also features realistic depictions of depression, emotional abuse, poverty, and the ridiculous red tape in the welfare system, in this effort produced by Margot Robbie’s LuckyChap Entertainment and John Wells Productions. Qualley discussed with us in a Zoom video interview how surreal it was working with her real life mother, actress Andie MacDowell, (surprisingly, it was the first time that the two have worked together on a project) as well as how much she enjoyed acting with the child actress who is playing her daughter Maddie, newcomer Rylea Nevaeh Whittet, who happened to be celebrating a birthday that day. Qualley really drove the project home and next will be seen in a Claire Denis film and as Ginger Rogers in Fred & Ginger.


Maid is now streaming on Netflix

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