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Interview: Midnight Mass’ Kate Siegel and Zach Gilford

by Leora Heilbronn

Fresh off one of our most epic interviews of all time with the charming and energetic Kate Siegel in 2018, we did it again for another Mike Flanagan series in which she stars in that really caught the audience off guard. Instead of being for The Haunting of Hill House, in which Siegel was a very memorable Theo, this time it was for Midnight Mass. Better still, she brought along a friend this time in the form of Zach Gilford, the lead of the new Mike Flanagan series. Gilford is something of a veteran himself, having previously worked with the horror maestro and leading Flanagan’s series that’s currently shooting, The Midnight Club. As with their chemistry on the religious-tinged series, the pairing of Siegel and Gilford got along like “a barn on fire”, making their on-screen storyline even that much more compelling. What happens after we die? Well, hopefully, hearing from Kate Siegel and Zach Gilford one more time is involved.


Midnight Mass is now streaming on Netflix

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