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Interview: Mythic Quest’s Charlotte Nicdao and Imani Hakim

by Leora Heilbronn

Once again, we found ourselves in a friendly room on the junket for the Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest, as we had previously spoken with, let’s face it, the lead of the series Mythic Quest (along with co-creator Rob McElhenney), Filipina-Australian Charlotte Nicdao. The incredible third season of Mythic Quest finds Nicdao’s Poppy and McElhenney’s Ian (pronounced “Eye-in”), set out on their own to start the company GrimPop Studios and work on Poppy’s game ‘Hera’. As luck would have it, they take former tester at MQ, Dana (played by Imani Hakim) along for the ride.

For our junket interview, we spoke with the always lovely Nicdao paired with Hakim as the two of chatted with Brief Take about what was coming up for their characters this season. (Hint: much of it involves a pair of headphones, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, and one of the strangest and yet most sentient offices (no lines), that you will ever see.) One aspect that we did not get to discuss but is worth looking out for is a driving scene with Hakim and McElhenney’s characters Dana and Ian, which gets them to discuss what they would do if they would be able to switch bodies for the day, (Megan knees), and gets them both to see the other’s perspectives. Also, and we touched upon this in the interview but have to stress this fact again, each season has a sort of bottle episode that sees two new or perhaps underdeveloped characters from the past prominently featured and given backstory. While this year’s version spotlighted two characters that we already know, the episode entitled ‘Sarian’ was outstanding and features incredible performances by Nicdao, McElhenney and their younger acting equivalents as well.


Mythic Quest season three premieres tomorrow with new episodes being released every Friday on Apple TV+

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