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Interview: Mythic Quest’s Danny Pudi and Naomi Ekperigin

by Leora Heilbronn

We already knew that you could never have too much Danny Pudi in your life. However, we took this truism perhaps a little bit literally, interviewing the former star of Community and now star of the Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest (and a voice actor on Transformers: EarthSpark) twice in a week. The first time was actually in London for a Comic Con appearance. This time was in Los Angeles alongside new series regular Naomi Ekperigin, who recurred previously as Carol the HR Lady at MQ, at the junket for the series Mythic Quest.

One of the things that we love about this severely underrated series is how so many of the performers on the show tend to multi-task. It was heartening to discover that Pudi, who had previously directed a ’30 for 30′ short about the uniforms for his alma mater Marquette University, made his series directorial debut, doing an episode of Mythic Quest (in which he also appears as fan favourite Brad Bakshi). An outstanding plot this season is about how Brad, previously convicted of insider trading, returns to work as a janitor, working his way back up, much to the chagrin of David Hornsby’s character David. Naomi Ekperigin also pulled double duty on the series as a writer, but it was some of her appearances as Carol that cracked us all the way up this year. You will see when the acronyms come out exactly what we mean. (We were also more than delighted to discover that many fans stan Carol the HR Lady as well.)

In addition to the pairing of Pudi and Ekperigin, we also had the chance to speak with David Hornsby. Once again, we have a Mythic Quest actor pulling double duty, as Hornsby too directed an episode.


Season 3 of Mythic Quest premieres tomorrow with new episodes available every Friday on Apple TV+

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