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Interview: Nightbooks’ Krysten Ritter

by Leora Heilbronn

Krysten Ritter has been scaring us for years. Whether it be as the PTSD-suffering Jessica Jones in the sadly departed Marvel/Netflix series Jessica Jones, as well as in Breaking Bad as Jesse’s doomed girlfriend Jane Margolis, or in the Tim Burton movie Big Eyes, it makes total sense that Ritter would eventually be starring in a horror movie of her own. And what a film it is, David Yarovesky’s Nightbooks, in which Ritter stars Natacha, the fashionable yet maliciously evil witch. The film, which was shot last year in Toronto and was produced by Sam Raimi, is a frightening but fascinating horror film that can be watched by the entire family, and has messages of hopeful optimism, though Ritter remains quite scary as Natacha, and the film will have you riveted throughout. Krysten Ritter may be frightening on screen, but on Zoom video, she couldn’t have been nicer.


Nightbooks is now streaming on Netflix

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