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Interview: P-Valley’s Brandee Evans

by Charles Trapunski

Brandee Evans is transfixing in P-Valley, as the top of the top star of the show, Mercedes. However, as with all great stars, Mercedes desires to one day give up her crown and perform one last dance at The Pynk, in order to care full time for her mother (Loretta Devine) and to teach dance to children at a local studio. Only, sadly, this is not how life works and it continuously seems as though Mercedes cannot leave The Pynk without forces conspiring against her, and with the always looming threat of her perfect exterior one day breaking down. Of course, star Brandee Evans easily gets under the hood of Mercedes in that she was also a professional dancer, and came to P-Valley requesting that she not have one more project in which she dances (and of course, glad that she was wrong). Evans also happens to be a PK (a Preacher’s Kid) and definitely can relate to this aspect of Mercedes’ upbringing. Additionally, Evans takes on the role in real life of being the primary caregiver for her mother and we more than encourage you to buy some merchandise to support her noble cause.

In our exclusive one-on-one video interview with the extremely energetic (and quite frankly bawse) Brandee Evans, we sit down with the multi-talented performer (she installed a stripper pole in her home in between seasons of P-Valley, that is some dedication to the craft!). We talk about her motivation from Angela Bassett and how the iconic actress continues to inspire her. Perhaps most interesting is that Evans previews some of the Mercedes storylines this year, but gives us only a taste of what is to come for the Southern (yes, quite like the Tennessee-born Evans herself) character, including some scenes that absolutely shocked us.


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