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Interview: Purple Hearts’ Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine

by Leora Heilbronn

We were delighted to have the opportunity to participate in the video junket for the Netflix movie Purple Hearts, starring Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine and also executive produced by Carson, her very first time producing. The film centres on the character of Cassie Salazar, played with great sensitivity by the multi-talented Carson. In the early part of the movie, we learn that Cassie, a waitress and struggling singer-songwriter, is afflicted with Type 1 Diabetes and has no money to pay for rent and for her life-saving insulin. In a last ditch effort, she reaches out to her Marine pal Frankie (Chosen Jacobs) to marry her in order to receive military spousal health benefits. While Frankie says no, his troubled pal Luke Morrow (Cinderella breakout star Nicholas Galitzine), a recovering drug addict who recently joined the Marines and owes his dealer a lot of money, agrees to go through with the pretend marriage to Cassie. It’s not long before they experience real sparks and then a disaster strikes. The movie features four new songs, including the soon to be ubiquitous single ‘Come Back Home’, co-written by and performed by Carson.

During our candid video interview with Carson and Galitzine, they shared fun facts about each other (Carson even managed to nail all of Galitzine’s middle names!), revealed their favourite scenes to film, and much more!


Purple Hearts is now streaming on Netflix

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