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Interview: Shantaram’s Charlie Hunnam and Shubham Saraf

by Leora Heilbronn

Shantaram, a thrilling new series on Apple TV+, just so happens to star and be produced by Charlie Hunnam, who seems to film quite a lot in Toronto or appear in Toronto, having been in the city just a few months back as a part of Fan Expo Canada to promote a reunion of the main cast of Sons of Anarchy (and yes, there is one scene in Shantaram which is a callback to his Jax Teller days). In the visceral and epic in scale Apple TV+ series, which releases episodes each week, Hunnam plays the guilt-ridden central character Lindsay Ford.

We sat down with Hunnam in Toronto for the press day for the extremely-well captured, heart-pounding adaptation of the memorable fiction (but based on real-life events book) Shantaram.  We were thrilled that the rescheduling, (this interview was originally scheduled to take place timed to episode one of the series), allowed Hunnam’s co-star Shubham Saraf, who embodies fan favourite character Prabhu, to be present in the interview suite as well, as he was originally going to come to Toronto only for the red carpet of Shantaram. The pair sat down with Brief Take and revealed the way in which they connected with each other on set, opened up about their love for the “slum work”, and talked about the reason why they in actuality filmed the show in Thailand instead of India, where it is set.

Shantaram is a semi-autobiographical story about an Australian heroin addict who escapes from prison and arrives in Bombay (known now as Mumbai) with a fake passport. He assumes a new name, Lindsay “Linbaba” Ford. It is here in Mumbai that Linsday meets Prabaker, or Prabhu, a happy-go-lucky tour guide that is played by Sharaf, who, as mentioned, is a series standout.


New episodes of Shantaram are released Fridays on Apple TV+

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