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Interview: SkyMed’s Thomas Elms

by Charles Trapunski

One critical element of the SkyMed press junket that we appreciated was getting to highlight particular talent that we felt was deserving of an in-depth profile. A bright young actor that Brief Take selected for whom to shine a spotlight is Vancouver’s Thomas Elms. When discussing his character Nowak on the action-based series, Elms was exceedingly proud to discuss his arc on the series, as well as how his particular training (and rock climbing) influences his performance. Elms also had plenty to say about how Nowak was a bit of a departure for the performer, but loved discussing the sort of roles that he had been taking, particularly fan favourite Hamish Duke on the Netflix series The Order, which trended worldwide. In fact, Elms in quick time transitioned from shooting his physical role in SkyMed, to an even more physically demanding role in the upcoming George Clooney-directed adaptation of The Boys in the Boat. Elms had just returned from the Seattle-based set of the film and it was clear that the experience of shooting both high profile projects, especially during a time of COVID, clearly stuck with the intense yet extremely playful Thomas Elms.

You are definitely going to want to click below to hear more from Thomas Elms talking Paramount+ / CBC’s SkyMed:

New episodes of SkyMed air Sundays at 9pm on CBC and CBC Gem in Canada. The entire first season of SkyMed is now available to watch on Paramount+ in the U.S.

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