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Interview: The Chair’s Amanda Peet and Jay Duplass

by Leora Heilbronn

The pairing of showrunner-co-creator-executive producer-co-writer Amanda Peet and Jay Duplass went beyond memories of HBO favourite Togetherness to becoming one of our most memorable groupings of all time (and for a pretty wonderful new show). We’d place Peet’s The Chair as possibly our top Netflix series of the year and much of the reason why is the interchange on display that the veterans of the screen exhibit. From labelling co-star Holland Taylor as a “goddess” to a specific dissection of additional Netflix series I Think You Should Leave to a mention of David Duchovny in his X-Files throwback red Speedo, this pairing and interview has everything. While we have long admired Jay Duplass (Transparent, Room 104) and Peet (Brockmire, The Whole Nine Yards) on their own terms, we now always want them to be together(ness) forever.


The Chair is now streaming on Netflix

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