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Interview: The Flatshare’s Jessica Brown Findlay and Anthony Welsh

by Leora Heilbronn

The Flatshare on Paramount+ stars Anthony Welsh (who plays the character of Leon) and Jessica Brown Findlay (who plays Tiffany). You may recognize Welsh from his scene-stealing turns in Prime Video’s Hanna or Hulu’s The Great, while Findlay is, of course, wonderful in everything she stars in, including the play Hamlet opposite Andrew Scott, (which her co-star Welsh actually saw her perform in), but we would like to give a special shoutout to her buoyant performance in the short-lived Peacock series Brave New World.

Welsh and Findlay recently spoke with Brief Take during a busy press day and chatted about filming The Flatshare in London this past spring, and revealed a few of their favourite moments from set. In case you’re still on the fence regarding checking out the original new series, here is a brief description of the relatable romantic comedy. As previously mentioned, Jessica Brown Findlay (possibly best known for her stint in Downton Abbey), portrays Tiffany “Tiff” Moore, who is in need of a place but cannot afford rent on the meagre salary that she earns as a journalist for an online platform. A different character in a similar bind is that of nurse Leon Twomey, played, of course by Welsh. Leon is in desperate need of money, especially as he is attempting to free his brother from jail. Tiffany and Leon decide to share a one-bedroom apartment to solve both of their issues. Tiff gets the apartment during the nighttime hours and on weekends, while Leon stays there during the weekday daytimes (due to both of their complimentary work schedules). As Tiff and Leon cannot actually come in contact with each other, they communicate solely by post-it notes. We sense a love match between these two characters, and we definitely recommend clicking below to hear more from the winsome Jessica Brown Findlay and Anthony Welsh.


The Flatshare is now available to watch on Paramount+

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