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Interview: The Hardy Boys’ Keana Lyn

by Leora Heilbronn

Though there are many strong performers in The Hardy Boys, if there is anything like a ‘breakout star’ of the series, it would have to be Toronto-born actress Keana Lyn. For this adaptation, there needed to be a Callie Shaw that was brave enough and dynamic to balance out the often stubborn Frank Hardy (Rohan Campbell), especially as the season one mystery hit so close to home to Frank (and as we discover later, to Callie as well). This role was confidently played by thespian Keana Lyn. Remember, this update of the series by Jason Stone finds a much more modern and inclusive take on The Hardy Boys and instead of a blonde, brown eyed and giggly Callie Shaw that we find in the Edward Stratmeyer book series, this version of the character is more fleshed out. Brief Take was of course thrilled that Keana Lyn has returned for season two of The Hardy Boys and chatted exclusively with the Canadian starlet on Zoom video on a recent morning (which took place shortly after her birthday that she shares with her twin sister, fellow performer Maia Jae Bastidas, who recently shot a role in the popular series Mayor of Kingstown). In terms of The Hardy Boys, this thrilling season finds Callie experiencing a fair bit of personal growth and faced with extremely difficult decisions.

Watch our video interview with the lovely and talented Keana Lyn here:

The Hardy Boys season two premieres tonight at 8pm ET/PT on YTV and on Wednesday April 6 on Hulu in the U.S.

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