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Interview: The Republic of Sarah’s Luke Mitchell

by Charles Trapunski

Luke Mitchell is a formidable presence in the popular CW summer series The Republic of Sarah. Mitchell plays Danny, a land developer and the estranged brother of titular Sarah (Stella Baker). By chance, both Mitchell and Baker are real-life Aussies. At the time of conducting our Zoom video interview, Mitchell had returned to his native Australia, from his extended stay in Canada (primarily in and around Montreal for filming The Republic of Sarah). In addition, for a different look at Luke Mitchell, see his performance in the action packed and star-studded Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse. Mitchell detailed for us his impressive stunt work and filming experience in the Michael B. Jordan-led and produced film in Berlin. And do check out The Republic of Sarah as he reveals some fascinating character development coming up for Danny.


The Republic of Sarah airs Monday nights on The CW

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