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Interview: The Voyeurs’ Justice Smith and Sydney Sweeney

by Charles Trapunski

Justice prevailed at the exclusive video junket for the shot in Montreal erotic thriller (yes you read that correctly) The Voyeurs, starring, as the lead couple, Justice Smith and the extremely in demand Sydney Sweeney. While we had spoken to Justice Smith previously for Genera+ion and Sydney Sweeney for the Toronto-helmed The Handmaid’s Tale, we were happy to see their rapport extended off screen as well. In our research, we learned that the grandmother of Justice Smith is actually French -Canadian and Smith speaks a little bit of French in the film as well. Sweeney, who teamed with director Michael Mohan in the lamented Everything Sucks!, returns to the fold in a mesmerizing performance as Pippa, as we will not be able to keep our eyes off of her, (though we probably should!). Justice Smith and Sydney Sweeney amaze and astound and The Voyeurs is compellingly watchable.

The Voyeurs is now streaming on Prime Video 

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