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Interview: The Winchesters’ Drake Rodger

by Charles Trapunski

The Winchesters star Drake Rodger (who plays John Winchester, who in the future comes to be embodied by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) chatted exclusively with Brief Take one recent autumn morning in New Orleans, where he is still shooting the first season of the prequel to Supernatural. Rodger talked about the scenes in which producer (and the former star of Supernatural) Jensen Ackles pushed to include in the show. Rodger also discussed bonding on screen and off with the series’ quote unquote Scooby Gang (or as Rodger terms this group of theirs, the “core four”). Rodger also heaps a ton of praise on his co-lead Meg Donnelly, as clearly the chemistry is there between John and Mary Winchester. Rodger also recounts his unique experience of going from working for a catering company to being a guest at the Zombies 3 premiere (which happened to occur at the same location within a few months), and how he knew exactly what was going to served from his experience working there. Rodger recalled how, growing up, he used to watch the series Supernatural and that his goal one day is to drive “Baby”, the Chevy Impala from Supernatural.

As a quick reminder, The Winchesters is the epic love story of how John Winchester (our man Drake Rodger) first met Mary Campbell (Donnelly). The couple put all of it on the line, not only to save their love, but to save the entire world. After John Winchester returns home from fighting in Vietnam (a subject we also discussed with Rodger), a shared mysterious encounter drives the pair to explore their missing family’s past. The two of them combine their forces with hunter-in-training Latika (Nida Khurshid) as well as secret MVP of the show, the flamboyant Carlos (Jonathan “Jojo” Fleites). The four of them work together to uncover mysteries to save the family.

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