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Interview: Vikings: Valhalla’s Bradley Freegard and Jóhannes Jóhannesson

by Charles Trapunski

As perhaps the most dignified and filled with gravitas part of the Vikings: Valhalla junket was the fascinating pairing of Welshman Bradley Freegard (“King Canute”) and Icelander Jóhannes Jóhannesson (“Olaf”). What is interesting about Jóhannesson, who you know from Netflix’s The Last Kingdom, The Letter for the King, Cursed, as well as Eurovision Song Contest and Game of Thrones, is how quickly he defends his character Olaf, the half-brother of Leo Suter’s Harald Sigurdsson. He certainly is more cunning than brother Harald, but Jóhannesson pulls off the difficult role brilliantly. Freegard, on the other hand, instills King Canute with a sense of morality that plays out in an incredible sequence that makes up most of the fifth episode of the series, a “there is a traitor within our midst” scene that finds Canute delivering his own personal brand of justice and earning a spot at the round table. But then when our discussion switches to the treats Jóhannesson baked for the stunt crew, it’s easy to see that Freegard and Jóhannesson could not be more different from the characters that they play oh so well in Vikings: Valhalla. Click below to watch our video interview with Vikings: Valhalla stars Bradley Freegard and Jóhannes Jóhannesson.

Vikings: Valhalla season one is now streaming on Netflix

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