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Interview: Walker: Independence’s Matt Barr

by Charles Trapunski

In an exclusive video interview, we spoke with the star of the new The CW series Walker: Independence, Matt Barr. Walker: Independence is a Western series, a return to the genre for the Texan-born Barr. The portrayer of late 1800’s Hoyt Rawlins revealed to Brief Take the surprising perk of playing Rawlins in the series, (not showering). Barr also spoke about his respect for co-star Katherine McNamara, who plays Abby Walker, the great-grandmother of present-day Walker (Jared Padalecki, also a producer on this series). Barr mentioned that he still chats with Hatfields & McCoys co-star Kevin Costner, who of course stars in a Western series of his own in Yellowstone.

The story of Walker: Independence, which was created by Anna Fricke, is that Abby Walker’s husband was murdered before her eyes in the pilot episode. In her quest for revenge, Abby crosses paths with Hoyt Rawlins (Barr). Hoyt and Abby’s road takes them to Independence, Texas, (actually Santa Fe, New Mexico, subbing for Texas), a place in which residents are running from their own troubled pasts and chasing their dreams. This ‘family’ struggles with the world around them, while becoming agents of change themselves.

Matt Barr earlier appeared on mothership series Walker as Hoyt Rawlins, but as the actor explains, this version is a slightly less refined version of the Rawlins he played previously. Series showrunner and creator Fricke also worked with Barr as a writer on the highly underrated military series Valor (opposite future Manifest star Melissa Roxburgh). In our wide-ranging interview, Barr discussed his experience playing Danny McNamara on CBS (and later Paramount+) series Blood & Treasure and how he loved the Romancing the StoneMoonlighting relationship with co-star Sofia Pernas’ Lexi and getting the opportunity to live out his Indiana Jones childhood dreams on set of the show. Barr also opened up about a couple of his previous projects, including the film that took him ten years to make. Lastly, Barr shared how he’s recognized still as Psycho Derek from One Tree Hill.


Walker: Independence airs Thursday nights on The CW in the U.S. and Sundays at 8pm ET on the W Network in Canada

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